Occupational Heat Stress and Kidney Health: From Farms to Factories

Nerbass F.B., Pecoits-Filho R., Clark W.F., Sontrop J.M., McIntyre C.W., Moist L.
(2017), Occupational Heat Stress and Kidney Health: From Farms to Factories,
Kidney International Reports, 2 (6) , pp. 998-1008. 

Chronic dehydration as one of the risk factors for the development of CKD.

  • This descriptive review summarizes emerging evidence that extreme occupational heat stress combined with chronic dehydration may contribute to the development of CKD and ultimately kidney failure.
  • Rising global temperatures, coupled with decreasing access to clean drinking water, may exacerbate the effects of heat exposure in both outdoor and indoor workers who are exposed to chronic heat stress and recurrent dehydration.
  • Preventing occupational heat stress presents a great challenge for a concerted multidisciplinary effort from employers, health authorities, engineers, researchers, and governments.


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