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Alan A. Leff Memorial Lecture Fund

In 2013, our friend and colleague Alan A. Leff, Ph.D. passed away. In order to honor Alan’s memory and recognize his many contributions to the bottled water industry, the Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF) has established the Alan A. Leff Memorial Lecture Fund (AALMLF). The Fund will be used to pay for lecturers to provide important information about the safety, quality, processing, or production of water, and to consider issues concerning future challenges, opportunities, and risks facing the water industry. The inaugural lecture is scheduled to take place at the Museum of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, during the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Event’s 25th anniversary celebration in February, 2015.

The vision for these educational presentations is to provide a forum for experts from around the globe to discuss water-related subjects. For example, topics could include human hydration needs and the role water plays in cognitive performance, or new technologies to manage water resources. In addition, a representative from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) could speak on managing municipal supplies and the challenges faced as the global population becomes more intensely urbanized.

Alan spent a significant portion of his career in the bottled water industry and was an active supporter of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and the Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF). In addition, Alan was active with the Asia/Middle East Bottled Water Association (ABWA), the Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA), and several state and regional bottled water associations. At the time of his passing, Alan worked at the Primo Water Corporation.

Tax deductible contributions to the Alan A. Leff Memorial Fund can be made by filling out a downloadable form by clicking here and submitting to DWRF. If you have any questions, please contact DWRF Research Director, Albert Lear:[email protected] or 703-647-4614.

Donate to the Kristin Safran College Scholarship Fund

The Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF) created the Kristin Safran College Scholarship Fund in February, 2010, in honor of former IBWA Board of Directors member Kristin Safran (ARK Specialty Services), who passed away in 2009. Scholarships will help high school seniors pursue their college studies.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible gift to the DWRF Kristin Safran College Scholarship Fund, please click this link to fill out a downloadable donation form. Please make checks payable to “DWRF Scholarship Fund”.

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