Press Releases

Research Shows Predicted Health Payoffs of Switching From Sugar-Sweetened Beverages to Water
Alexandria, VA, June 29, 2016 –Losing weight and improving risk factors for chronic diseases may be as easy as drinking a glass of water instead of a soda or other sweetened beverage, according to a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients. The study, funded in part by the Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF), is the first to use national nutrition surveillance data to report beverage intake patterns for adults and predict the calorie savings, weight loss benefits and other potential health benefits associated with drinking a glass of water in place of a soda, energy drink or other sweetened beverage. Read more…

DWRF to WHO: Water consumption promotes a healthy weight and avoidance of many prevalent health conditions
Alexandria, VA, November 13, 2015 –DWRF commends the WHO Commission on Ending Childhlood Obesity (ECHO) for including the increased promotion of water in its proposed policy actions and directions. We agree that it is important to reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks by children. However, recommendations that focus on affirmative actions that can be taken to help reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity (e.g., drinking more water) will be more effective than issuing statements about what people should not do. We therefore urge the Commission to include additional positive messages about water consumption in its final report. Read more…

Get to know what’s in your drinking water
Alexandria, VA, May 4, 2015 –Themed “What do you know about your H2O?”, this year’s drinking water week is an ideal reminder for consumers to remember to carefully read their water quality reports and ask questions about the quality of their drinking water.

Reducing drugs in Long Island drinking water sources: a public talk

Berkeley Springs, WV, February 11, 2015 — – Efforts to reduce the prevalence of prescription medications in drinking water sources in Long Island will be showcased during an inaugural lecture at the 25th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

Research foundation to consumers: Get to know what’s in your drinking water

Alexandria, VA, May 6, 2014 — The Drinking Water Research Foundation is urging consumers to think about their drinking water during National Drinking Water Week this week.