The Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF) is an independent, not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 foundation that was established in 1984 by several members of the bottled water and point of use drinking water filtration industries:

  • To conduct research and disseminate information regarding the sources, evaluation and production of safe and affordable drinking water, including bottled water, tap water and filtered water, and the associated health benefits related thereto.
  • To evaluate alternative techniques for production and delivery of drinking water under emergency conditions.
  • To educate the public and provide information regarding effective means for complying with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (including the provisions of the Food Safety and Modernization Act), the Safe Drinking Water Act, and related state and international laws and regulations.
  • To provide education to the public regarding drinking water quality, production and delivery.

DWRF remains dedicated to the continuous development of scientific research in areas of interest to consumers and the drinking water industry, including bottled water, tap water and filtered water. Co-located with and partially supported by the International Bottled Water Association in Alexandria, VA, the Foundation strongly supports tap water infrastructure and quality improvements: measures that may directly impact manufacturing process waters as well as the finished product quality of some utility-sourced bottled waters.

Scientific results obtained through DWRF-sponsored research projects are recognized nationally and internationally as important reference tools by which to make better informed policy decisions regarding drinking water. These sponsored projects and other scientific works, articles, and related news items are cited in this DWRF website to promote a better understanding of The Facts about Water.


2017 DWRF Board of Trustees

  • Jack C. West, Chairman
    Puro Filter Company
  • Stewart Allen, Vice-Chairman
    CF Capital Canada, Inc.
  • Andrew Eaton, Secretary/Treasurer
    Eurofins Eaton Analytical
  • Lawrence Armstrong, Ph.D.
    University of Connecticut
  • Tom Condon
    DS Services
  • Henry R. Hidell III, ICBWA Trustee
    Hidell International
  • Kim Jeffery
    Jeffery Advisors
  • Kevin Mathews
    Nestle Waters of North America, Inc.
  • Annick Moreau
    Danone Waters Worldwide
  • William Patrick Young
    Absopure Water Co., Inc.
  • DWRF Counsel & Staff:
    Joseph A. Levitt Esq.
    Hogan Lovells